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Our Services

For the farmer

Agricure’s bespoke invoicing and administration system operates centrally, releasing the farmer’s valuable time when managing stock and accounts, but all the while ensuring reliable delivery of products. When an order is placed, the farmer receives an immediate confirmation and delivery notice. Agricure’s administration staff then provide the link from field to product. They keep continuous watch over the progress of orders as well as wider market conditions. All ordering, paperwork and administration is handled centrally, and telephone and email support is available at all times.


For the agronomist

As agricultural procurement becomes increasingly technical, Agricure is leading the market with information technology and has developed its own bespoke computer ordering system. This operates from the agronomists home computer, allowing access to real time pricing, product comparisons and distributor stock levels. All this happens automatically agrochemical plans are produced.


Current and forecasted supply chain issues such as price fluctuations, product changes and shortfalls, are dealt with immediately and if necessary reported to members. Technical updates and news are communicated to agronomists via email and regular team meetings. These allow members of the trade to keep Agricure’s agronomists up to speed with the latest developments and trials data relating to their products, and also ensures our agronomists meet the CPD points requirements of the professional register.


Agricure’s dedicated staff, infrastructure and IT systems are solving the procurement puzzle for farmers and agronomists.


  • Bespoke software – simplifying administration.

  • Real time prices.

  • Efficient online ordering system.

  • Friendly support and back-up service.

  • Transparent, competitive procurement – maximising returns for clients.

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